Since the very beginning of its activities, 3V has dedicated significant efforts and investments to R&D, not only to improve existing chemistries and processes, but also to develop innovative and unique products. Hundreds of published papers as well as EU and US patents are the proof of this dedication. Over the years, 3V’s R&D Department has assured stable and strong growth for the Group, by consistently enabling the company to enter new markets with proprietary products and know-how.

Our research centers located in Bergamo (Italy) and Georgetown, SC (USA) include Synthesis, Analysis, Application laboratories and pilot plants.

Finding better solutions

The 3V Research Team helps customers worldwide with flexible, cost-efficient and eco-friendly solutions, providing a wide range of services. Customers can depend upon the knowledgea and advices related to their application issues: 3V scientists do not consider their job to be done when they get test results, the goal is to work with customers to find better solutions that meet their needs.

Partnership approach

Sometimes fulfilling customer needs means developing a new tailor made product. The 3V Research Team works very closely with customers in a partnership approach, combining knowledge of chemistry, processes, final application knowledge. Partnering with customers in such a way is very efficient and effective and several new products have been developed within this process in recent years.

From conceptual design to lab synthesis, pilot and industrial scale up, and application performances, 3V can provide unique know-how and expertise. This allows ideas to result in real superior performing products that customers, and ultimately people can benefit from.

Some of our remarkable successes

  • Uvasorb HEB: the most advanced UV filter for sunscreen application. It provides extraordinary protection from UV rays thank to its unique absorption profile. With a solubility in oil 10 times higher than other UV filters, it can be formulated in light pleasant non tacky sunscreens.

  • Synthalen W400 was the first liquid polymer commercially available able to provide high clarity and high suspending power in acidic formulations for household and personal care markets. The success of this molecule led to the development of the Synthalen W600 and W800 series.

  • Uvasorb HA10 is a proprietary polymeric HALS with very high molecular weight that was designed with superior resistance to extraction and migration in plastic resins. It overcomes the great challenges of light stabilization of ultra thin plastic items ( < 30 micron).

  • Polivic 302 is a water based secondary suspending agent used in PVC production. It is a water borne polymer that matches the performance of solvent based alternatives in term of PVC granule porosity and low fisheye occurrence.

  • Optiblanc MP and XT are new generation hexasulphonate optical brighteners specifically designed for ColorLok and coated papers. The high concentration of these products allows the carbon footprint reduction of paper manufacturing and and a 30% increased productivity.



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