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3v Group is a multinational corporation with over 600 employees, R&D capabilities, a manufacturing presence in USA and Europe and sales in all continents.

The Group has almost sixty years of experience in specialty chemical design, synthesis and production, advanced chemical engineering, manufacturing of process systems and equipment, environmental treatments and waste management solutions.
The Group operates through its 3 branches: 3V Sigma, 3V Tech and 3v Green Eagle.

3V story begins with the establishment of a company named Sigma. The company built a small plant in Mozzo, Italy and in 1958 produced the first batch of surfactants to serve the textile industry.


During this decade, Sigma started to build its reputation, to expand the customer base and to make its way in a market dominated by big multinational companies.

Products portfolio grew to include additives for the paper and detergent industries. The OPTIBLANC product series was launched.


Sigma continued to grow its revenue by expanding its presence beyond Italy. Commercial subsidiaries were established in Germany, France, United Kingdom, Spain and Switzerland.
In order to keep up with increasing sales additional manufacturing capacity was needed. By the mid 70’s a second chemical plant located in Grassobbio, Italy was up and running.

In 1978 the American adventure began. After flying on a small plane from Canada all the way to Florida seeking for the best location, a 65 acre lot in Georgetown, SC was elected to be the location for the third chemical plant. 3V Sigma USA was established and began to serve the North American market.

In the late 70’s, 3V decided to diversify its activity in the design and manufacturing of process equipment for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry by acquiring 2 small mechanical companies that were then merged under the new name of 3V Cogeim.


The portfolio of specialty chemicals kept growing and 3V started manufacturing additives for the Plastic, Water treatment and PVC industries. The UVASORB, POLIVIC and OXIDAN brands were launched.

During this decade, 3v Sigma USA plant grew from one reactor to 5 production units, each one with multiple production lines.

In 1987 a Joint Venture with the Petrochemical Group ENI led to the establishment of 3V CPM, a company that operates a chemical plant in Porto Marghera, Italy for the production of upstream key raw materials.


3V Sigma developed the technology to manufacture acrylic based polymers and a dedicated production unit was built at the Georgetown,SC plant. The NOVAPRINT, POLYGEL and SYNTHALEN product lines are launched allowing 3V to expand its presence in the detergent and textile printing industries and to enter the Personal Care market.

15 years after its establishment 3V Cogeim is among the leading manufacturers of solid-liquid separation equipment (filters, dryers) well recognized for its continuous technological improvements and developments.

The development of an on-site, internal treatment center for 3V Sigma waste water and contaminated sludge was built to ensure the continued compliance of ever more rigorous environmental regulations.


3V Sigma enters the building and construction industry with the NIMEXOL product series.

In 2000 the environmental and waste treatment technologies developed earned the distinction of BAT (Best Available Technique) from the European Bureau IPCC.
The treatment center of 3V Sigma was spun off and 3V Green Eagle established with the mission to develop and market innovative technologies for the treatment of wastewater and sludge.

In 2003 3V acquired Mabo, a company specialized in the design and manufacturing of thin film evaporators and short path evaporators, which permit the distillation of extremely viscous fluids and thermolabile products.

In 2008 3V acquired Top Service s.r.l., a company that had recently reached important results in the glass-lined sector. The name was then changed to 3V Glasscoat.


Cogeim, Mabo and Glasscoat were merged into one entity, 3V Tech and are now brands associated to their core technologies: Reactors, filters and dryers (Cogeim), Evaporators (Mabo) and glass lined equipment (Glasscoat). A fourth division under the name of Process was established to develop and market turn-key production plants.

In 2014 6V is created. It is a joint venture between 3V Green Eagle and TREVI, a public company specialized in construction of big infrastructure projects, like ports dredging. The company has develop a soil washing technology that allows to treat contaminated soil that is often encountered in ports or canals dredging.

3V Group continues to strive for excellence, keeping innovation and diversification as its main strategy to ensure sustainable growth for the future.

3V Tech

Manufacturing Process Systems and Equipment

3V Tech is a leading provider of advanced process systems and equipment for the process industries.

The company is specialized in separation, reaction and glass-lining.

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3V Green Eagle

Provider of Environmental Solutions

3V Green Eagle offers environmental solutions for the manufacturing, municipal, remediation and oil and gas industries.

Specialized in waste treatment.

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