Polymerization Additives

Over the past 40 years 3V has been the Industry leader in supplying Secondary Suspending Agents and Antifouling Agents for the manufacturing of PVC Resin. With North American manufacturing, 3V offers significant supply, logistic, and cost benefits.

Our Polivic Brand of Suspending Agents have been recognized as the Global leading technology for porosity enhancement, reduced fish eye levels, and grain size control at cost effective concentrations. Polivic Suspending Agents can be either Aqueous or Solvent based depending on the requirements of the PVC Suspension Recipes to achieve the desired polymerization characteristics.

Our Everclean Brand of Antifouling Agents have been recognized as one of the market leaders in Antifouling by providing superior adhesion to the reactor walls to prevent fouling and polymer build up which are known to reduce heat transfer and product quality. Furthermore, by proper application they offer the customer significantly reduced cleaning times between applications thus providing our customer’s substantial operational costs savings.



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