3V ALLANTOIN is a Skin Protectant Category I OTC Drug used as a topical analgesic. As such, it helps heal damaged skin with its soothing and anti-irritation properties.

OPTIBLANC SX is an Optical brightener that absorbs sunlight and returns the absorbed energy as visible light in the blue spectra. It may be used to bring out color highlights in hair and/or mask wrinkles.

Personal Care Applications

Biphenyl derivative OPTIBLANC SX
Imidazolidinyl derivative ALLANTOIN
Underarm products
Antiperspirant no yes
Deodorants no yes
Bath & Shower
Bar Soaps yes yes
Foam Baths no yes
Liquid Soaps no yes
Shampoos no yes
Shower Gels no yes
Depilatory no yes
Liquid Make-up Products no yes
Shaving Products no yes
Hair Care
Hair Colorants yes no
Hair Conditioning Gels yes no
Hair Conditioning Mousses yes no
Hair Styling Gels yes no
Pump Hair Sprays yes no
Setting Lotions yes no
Setting Mousses yes no
Skin Care
Skin-care Creams yes yes
Skin-care Lotions yes yes
Sun-care Creams no yes
Sun-care Hydrogels no yes
Sun-care Lotions no yes
Sun-care water based no yes
Biphenyl derivative OPTIBLANC SX
Imidazolidinyl derivative ALLANTOIN


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