Plastics Applications

Polymeric UVASORB HA10
Water Pipe yes
Thin, Very Thin Articles yes
Tarps and Building Wrap yes
Stadium Seating yes
Single Ply Roofing Membranes yes
Sheet, Signage yes
Shade Films, Netting yes
Performance Fibers, Textile, Carpets yes
Garden Furniture yes
Films, Tapes yes
FDA Applications yes
Automotive yes
Artificial Turf and Grass yes
Polymeric UVASORB HA10

Coatings Applications

Polymeric UVASORB HA10
UPES yes
GIP & Architectural
Powder Coatings yes
Polymeric UVASORB HA10

Plastic Resins

Polymeric UVASORB HA10
Unsaturated Polyester yes
TPO and Olefin Copolymers yes
Styrenic Polymers yes
PVC yes
Polyurethane yes
Polypropylene yes
Polyethylene yes
Polyacetal yes
Nylon yes
Elastomers yes
Adhesives yes
Polymeric UVASORB HA10


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